Finding winners in a turbulent market

It’s certainly been an interesting last few weeks, with a slow spread west of Coronavirus, and a similar somewhat slow and later turbulent reaction in the stock markets.

If you’re doing swing trading I sure hope you timed this one correctly, there’s not many market wide opportunities like this. If your strategy is like what we do over here, this period is like any other period: It’s always about picking winners. And so we have been..

Like my blog post from almost a year ago lays out, market dips are good for stats. And as we can see from our portfolio performance page, you will find that we continue to outperform, picking winners, even in this new market dynamic (of panic and despair.)

As has been said over and over in our blog posts, this is not about timing directions, but instead building on long term statistics and principles, which we then exploit rather mechanically. Not doing it mechanically would cause your human emotions of panic and despair to mess it up.

It’s hard to predict the future, but I find it hard to imagine this turbulence will continue for much longer. The impact might go on for a while, and in either case the aim should be to find winners in whatever market is served us. And that’s what we’ll keep on doing..

This blog post was written by Christian, the main portfolio curator here at AgoraOpus. With a background from FinTech, he holds a MSc in Quantitative Finance and a BSc in Computer Science and Industrial Automation.

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