Time travel

On our portfolio page you can see the performance of following our top 10 and next 10 rankings over time. And on the various individual pages (like AAPL, ADBE, etc) you can see the rank value for that company together with the stock price over time as well.

This gives you an opportunity to compare and review ranks and performance as they progress, but what about the summary page?

We used to have a feature on the summary page which allowed you to “time travel”, and see the ranking list as it existed at some date in the past. But this feature got lost in the process of refining and simplifying the UI.

Not any more, because we’ve just re-introduced this feature, allowing you to set the base date for when you want to view the rank list. This allows you to see all the companies we rank, as we ranked them, at a date picked by you.

Time travel on the summary page

Simply click the edit icon, next to the current base date, and enter a new date formatted as YYYY-MM-DD, and hit enter. The page will then reload using the data available at or just before the entered date. It might be just before the entered date since we only update this list weekly, but this is handled for you automatically.

If you’re curious for example how we ranked companies before, during and after the financial crisis (or any other period), well, now you’ve got full freedom to have a look.

This blog post was written by Christian, the main portfolio curator here at AgoraOpus. With a background from FinTech, he holds a MSc in Quantitative Finance and a BSc in Computer Science and Industrial Automation.

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