Ending the beta

6 months ago we launched the new AgoraOpus Portfolio Construction website. Prior to that a lot of work went into the backbone of the site, the model and analysis required to produce the ranking values. And since then most of the work went into making a user friendly site for you to consume the predictive output.

Now we’re at a stage where ending the beta period makes sense, after getting everything running and continuing to beat the market.

Ending the beta also means introducing subscriptions. Soon we will reveal the options and pricing, but we can say we’re aiming for a price level we think makes for a very good deal for you, given the upside potential provided. We’ll also look to integrate with other providers which might fit better for those of you who want a more hands off approach. More to come on this!

As a gift to our beta users, if you’ve signed up and confirmed your email before we end the beta period, we will give you a coupon with a generous discount to get you going. It’s not too late to sign up, by the way, so make sure you don’t miss out!

This blog post was written by Christian, the main portfolio curator here at AgoraOpus. With a background from FinTech, he holds a MSc in Quantitative Finance and a BSc in Computer Science and Industrial Automation.

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