AOI Rank Oscillator

While the back end model we have might have been stable for a while, our mission to make this available in an ever more accessible manner continues. Thanks to your feedback, we continue this effort, and now default to the relative view of our AOI rank oscillator.

In short, the update adds color zones to the indicator value:

  • When green: The indicator is within the upper half of the ranking range
  • When red: The indicator is within the lower half of the ranking range
  • When white: The indicator is outside the 0 to 100 range, indicating a company that’s either ranking “too hot” (above 100), or rock bottom (below zero).

AOI rank oscillator example

These changes should make it easier to, at a glance, take a view on the current ranking situation and also the ranking trend.

Ranking trends is an interesting topic, something we’re busy working on currently and will return with more details on later. We’re also looking to incorporate similar changes to the instruments list page.

Thanks again for giving us feedback, it’s most welcome, keep it coming!

This blog post was written by Christian, the main portfolio curator here at AgoraOpus. With a background from FinTech, he holds a MSc in Quantitative Finance and a BSc in Computer Science and Industrial Automation.

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